Blue Carved Lattice Door Kitchen Storage Cabinet

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SKU: BHA100145
Dimensions: W:23 X D:16 X H:36
Room Type: Dining Room
Primary meterial: Reclaimed wood
Assembly: Not required

Bring a little customization in your kitchens with our stylish Blue Carved Lattice Door Kitchen Storage Cabinet.

It’s compact design packs a major aesthetic punch with its traditional styling and reclaimed wood build. Every detail has been handcrafted from salvaged solid wood, so you can enjoy a low carbon footprint while still retaining trendy visuals. The overall look is a combination of retro and shabby-chic styles infused with a little bit of bohemian in the mix.

The extended top frame features beveled edges that nose over a double-door cabinet. Each door-leaf is hand-carved with a fully symmetrical abstract design that mirrors up, down, and sideways. The inside is compartmentalized into 2 open shelves for better organization. The base is just as stylistic as the main façade and consists of classic clawfoot style legs. Everything is complemented with a gorgeous blue distressed finish.

You’ll have a lot of decorative opportunities by featuring this reclaimed wood storage cabinet in your kitchens. You can make it a feature element and design a whole ambiance around it. Despite its very distinct looks, it can fit within a diverse palette of interior design styles, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to placement and embellishment.

Special Features

  • 100% handcrafted
  • Reclaimed wood craftsmanship
  • Boho-chic aesthetic
  • Distressed blue finish
  • Extended top frame with rounded edges
  • Double door carved cabinet
  • 2 internal open shelves
  • Excellent compartmentalization
  • Clawfoot style feet
  • Versatile aesthetic
  • Heirloom quality
  • Easy maintenance