Style Tips For Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Oct 2nd 2018

When choosing a reclaimed wood furniture,it’s important to respect the unique origins, character and characteristics of natural woods. From the raw beauty of white oak to driftwood pieces collected from the shores of Indonesia, each piece is one-of-a-kind and rich with history from around the world.

No two pieces of reclaimed wood are alike, which is what makes reclaimed wood furniture so special. Before purchasing, it’s best to have an appreciation for the differences and characteristics that make each piece unique. Things like wood grains, knots, small patches, paint remnants, pitting, small nail holes and mineral deposits are characteristics that really set the pieces apart. Any variance that adds interest to the piece can be considered a plus.

If you have a more modern home, don’t be nervous to try reclaimed wood furniture in your furnishings and decor.

Darker woods can look bigger, heavier, and more dramatic, thus suit larger rooms.

Be aware of the size room you have, as your room can appear smaller if you put too much furniture in it. One good way around this is unity, ccoordinating your range will look much kinder to the eye when in more compact spaces. 

Another great tip for a small room is to avoid clutter by placing furniture in the room that contains storage compartments such as a blanket box or a coffee table with drawers or shelfs. Another tip is to add a sideboard in your room, as they act as a great place to hide away any clutter.

Most living areas are complimented with a coffee table or small occasional table. Depending on the space of your room, or whether or not you wish to use them for storage, making sure you get the right style is often made easier when adding a reclaimed wood table in to the room, as the natural elements compliment most surfaces.